In this ever-evolving dynamic world of international trade, existing and recently developed markets are expanding around the globe.

Its with this regard that Hanlink Investment has taken an active role of conducting routine staff empowerment and training programs whilst researching on the new global trends that offers lasting solutions to our customer transportation and logistics needs.

When developing container management procedures, we must consider the following container management objectives. These objectives represent goals which will improve theater distribution of containers.

  1. Our container management objectives are well researched at Hanlink Investment ltd...
  2. Consolidate shipments for single consignees versus multiple consignees or break bulk points.
  3. Minimize the time for holding or consolidating cargo to fill up containers especially in South Sudan.
  4. Maximize container cube use to achieve economical movements.
  5. Expedite the movement of throughput and high-priority container shipments.
  6. Maintain 100% ITV of containers and contents.
  7. Ensure optimum use of container equipment throughout East Africa and Southern Sudan.
  8. Ensure containers do not get congested in yards. Keep them moving.
  9. Move containers as fast as mode operators